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Welcome to the CHPC Documentation Wiki

Here you will find documentation on the systems, hardware and software, tools and applications hosted on the CHPC super computers.

New 3 PB Lustre storage system

Update The new lustre3p filesystem is not yet reliable, therefore users are advised to use the old lustre filesystem until otherwise notified. The planned decommissioning of the old lustre filesystem has therefore been postponed.

With effect from 1 May 2021, a new 3 PB Lustre storage system has been implemented.

Please read Moving to the new 3 PB Lustre storage

New directory path:

The 3 PB Lustre is mounted on /mnt/lustre3p and, once you have copied over your files, you will need to change the paths in your job scripts.

Search and replace your script files and change /mnt/lustre/ to /mnt/lustre3p/

We will be updating all examples in this wiki to the new path, however, you may still come across an old example with the outmoded path. To make the example work on the new Lustre simply change the path from from /mnt/lustre to /mnt/lustre3p.

CHPC petaFLOP System

The CHPC has DELL cluster since mid-2016, named Lengau (cheetah), that can perform at petaFLOP level and replaces the old Tsessebe cluster.

Along with the new system are new accounts, new policies and new adventures.

Important documents for all users of the CHPC:

To register for the new system you need to apply online.

In order to obtain access to the cluster registration as either a Principal Investigator (PI) or Normal User on the new CHPC User Database is required. It is further required from approved PI's to register a single Research Programme to which registered users can be added as members. Job submissions will draw from cpu hour allocations associated with the respective Research Programmes. Full details of these new procedures and steps to follow to get registered may be found at the following link to the user database:

Getting Started: the Quickstart Guide

You should start here if you're in a hurry and familiar with HPC. The quick start guide briefly covers the main information a new users wants to know.

  • The Users' Guide covers using the systems at the CHPC, from logging in to compiling and running your programs.
  • The Glossary describes common terminology used in high performance computing.

Tips and Tricks:

Advanced Computer Engineering (ACE) Lab:

Openstack Production Cloud:

Research Areas:

Priority projects:

The CHPC is mandated to support high priority and time-critical projects for weather and pandemic forecasting which need to be prioritised for usage of CHPC resources from time to time. In order to achieve timeous results for national decision-making, the termination of some running jobs may be required without prior warning when cluster usage is high.


In compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) No. 4 of 2013, please read the CSIR's Privacy Notice.

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