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Name Base address Domain Name
externalnet brightcomputing
ipminet ipmi.cluster
internalnet eth.cluster
ibnet ib.cluster

During bright cluster manager installation, network information can be provided and automatically configured. “externalnet, ipminet and internalnet” were created during installation. Below is how “ibnet” was defined

 [bright1->network]% add ibnet
 [bright1->network*[ibnet*]]% set baseaddress
 [bright1->network*[ibnet*]]% set domainname ib.cluser
 [bright1->network*[ibnet*]]% set netmaskbits 24
 [bright1->network*[ibnet*]]% set mtu 2044
 [bright1->network*[ibnet*]]% set nodebooting yes
 [bright1->network*[ibnet*]]% set type internal
 [bright1->network*[ibnet*]]% commit

Important: Bright sets a range on the network to issue ip address. If you do not want this, add the following to the configuration

 [bright1->network*[ibnet*]]set dynamicrangestart 
 [bright1->network*[ibnet*]]set dynamicrangeend
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