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HPC Challenge is a benchmark suite comprising 7 micro benchmarks designs to assess a number of HPC system characteristics. The suite includes HPL, DGEMM and FFT which test floating point performance. STREAM and RandomAccess are included to access memory performance. PTRANS and 'Communication bandwidth and latency' are used to assess network performance. source

Installation Guide

source Intel Compiler, MKL and MPI.

source /opt/intel/impi/ intel64
source /opt/intel/bin/ intel64
source /opt/intel/mkl/bin/ intel64

Download the source from the website:

cd ~
mkdir HPCC
tar -xf hpcc-1.5.0a.tar.gz
cd hpcc-1.5.0a

Use the Makefile which is adapted from the HPL which ships with the Intel MKL package:

cp Makefile.intel64 ~/HPCC/hpcc-1.5.0a/hpl

Make with:

make arch=intel64


Before running the benchmark, edit the hpccinf.txt file. Set appropriate N, NB, P and Q values (using the calculator linked above.)

Run the benchmark using:

mpirun -np <N> -hostfile <HF> ./hpcc

Download this script to format the output data: format.tar

./ -w -f hpccoutf.txt

Below is the result from the Dell C4130, with its 24 Haswell cores.

HPL_Tflops                           G-HPL                        0.7431   Tera Flops per Second 
PTRANS_GBs                           G-PTRANS                     0.0010   Tera Bytes per Second 
MPIRandomAccess_GUPs                 G-RandomAccess               0.0034   Giga Updates per Second 
MPIFFT_Gflops                        G-FFT                        0.0011   Tera Flops per Second 
StarSTREAM_Triad*CommWorldProcs      EP-STREAM Sys                0.0897   Tera Bytes per Second 
StarSTREAM_Triad                     EP-STREAM Triad              3.7380   Giga Bytes per Second 
StarDGEMM_Gflops                     EP-DGEMM                    33.3345   Giga Flops per Second 
RandomlyOrderedRingBandwidth_GBytes  RandomRing Bandwidth         1.4625   Giga Bytes per second 
RandomlyOrderedRingLatency_usec      RandomRing Latency           0.8082   micro-seconds 
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