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Dell Cluster


The Dell cluster consists of 240 Dell C6100 nodes (12 cores, two sockets, Intel Xeon 2.93 GHz, 36GB RAM, QDR ConnectX2 Infiniband) which are linked into the pre-existing cluster ethernet network and infiniband fabric.

These nodes are:

  • cnode-6-1cnode-6-72
  • cnode-7-1cnode-7-72
  • cnode-8-1cnode-8-72
  • cnode-9-1cnode-9-23
  • dell-login01

and run a single operating system image, which at the time of installation is based on the Centos 5.7 distribution of Linux (which is a rebuild of RedHat Enterprise 5.7). Features of this OS distribution include:

  • GCC 4.1.2
  • glibc 2.5
  • kernel 2.6.18-274.3.1.el5
  • OFED 1.5.3

These differences lead to methods of code development which are distinct from the rest of Tsessebe system as it currently operates. However all the Dell nodes see the same /opt/gridware NFS and scratch Lustre filesystems as the older nodes.

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