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CHPC Induction

This short practical hands-on course is provided for new users to the CHPC.

Prerequisite Skills

Linux command line interface.

You should be familiar with Linux basics:

  • files and subdirectories: cd, mkdir, pwd, cp, mv, etc.
  • the file system tree: relative and absolute paths
  • listing files and their meta-data: the ls command and its most useful optional arguments
  • view files: cat, less, head, tail
  • file permissions: chmod
  • UID and GID: sharing files
  • streams and pipelines: |, &>
  • processes: top, ps, htop, kill, fg
  • environment variables


Course 0

A brief overview of the most common Linux shell commands.

Course 1

Introduction to:

  • logging into the cluster
  • interactive sessions
  • software on the cluster
  • how to:
    • write a job script,
    • submit a job script,
    • view the status of your jobs,
    • cancel and remove a job from the queue
  • how to diagnose and fix problems


Course 2

Building and installing your software.

  • local software
  • compiling and installing a simple library zlib
  • creating a module

Course 3

Practical HPC

  • See CHPC Winter School
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