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Python on the Sun Cluster

A fairly complete python 2.6.5 installation is available on both the login and compute nodes, at


I recommend you invoke your python scripts by explicitly invoking python as above — for example:

/opt/gridware/python2.6.5/bin/python /export/home/username/bin/

Modules included with this are :-

numpy scipy Comprehensive scientific processing for python
PyNGL Scientific visualisation
tables HDF file reader and writer
mpl_toolkits matplotlib Matplotlib — MATLAB-like plotting functions
Crypto Cryptographic utilities
OpenSSL Secure Sockets Layer
IPython Interactive python, great for debugging
PyNIO NetCDF file reader / writer
Polygon Polygon manipulation routines
ANN kdtree-based Approximate Nearest Neighbour routines
h5py interface to the HDF5 binary data format [see notes below]

Most of these modules invoke low-level C and Fortran to do the heavy lifting.



The h5py module uses HDF5 library version 1.8.11, which is installed in /opt/gridware/libraries/hdf5/1.8.11/.

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