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Available Computer Languages

The options can be seen by listing the available modules: module avail To make use of MPI-based parallel code (message passing interface), use the module with the relevant MPI library for your application code:

The following are some of current languages:

Code Name Version Module name Comment
gcc (mpicc) 4.7.2/1.6.1 openmpi/openmpi-1.6.1_gcc-4.7.2 OpenMPI 1.6.1 + GCC 4.7.2
gcc (mpicc) 4.7.2/1.6.5 openmpi/openmpi-1.6.5_gcc-4.7.2 OpenMPI 1.6.5 + GCC 4.7.2
gcc (mpicc) 5.1.0/1.8.4 compilers/gcc-5.1.0_openmpi-1.8.4 OpenMPI 1.8.4 + GCC-5.1.0
python 2.7.3 – 2.7.5 python/2..7.3 – python/2.7.5
java 1.7 java/1.7 Runtime
java jdk 1.6,1.7 java/jdk1.6.0, java/jdk1.7.0
R 2.15.2 – 3.2 R/2.15.2 – R/3.2.0
gcc Intel MIC 4.9.1 gcc/4.9.1-mic For Intel MIC (Many Integrated Cores
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