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Procedure to run CosmoPmc on Sun cluster:

The CosmoPmc is installed in the following directory: /opt/gridware/applications/cosmopmc

Access is via modules.

Firstly, you need to execute these command: module use /opt/gridware/users/nag/modulefiles

You will then see the below output when you execute this command: module available

———— /opt/gridware/users/nag/modulefiles —————
cosmopmc/1.11(default) fftw/2.0.7(default) gcc/4.7.2(default)
mpich2/1.0.8(default) scalasca/1.4.2

Type this command to see more info about the added module: module help cosmopmc

———– Module Specific Help for 'cosmopmc/1.11' ————–

This module enables use of CosmoPMC.
Please read /opt/gridware/applications/cosmopmc/CHPC/Readme.txt

Type this command to see added path in your user environment: module show cosmopmc


prereq openmpi-1.6.1-intel
setenv COSMOPMC /opt/gridware/applications/cosmopmc
prepend-path PATH /opt/gridware/applications/cosmopmc/bin
prepend-path LD_LIBRARY_PATH /opt/gridware/applications/cosmopmc/lib

This module enables use of CosmoPmC. You are now ready to run CosmoPmC using Moab Script.

CosmoPmc main site.

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