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 ====== ANSYS/​Fluent ====== ====== ANSYS/​Fluent ======
-The CHPC has an installation of Fluent along with a limited license for academic use only.  If you are a full time student or researcher at an academic institution then you may request access ​to use Fluent ​on the CHPC clusters. ​ Send  your request along with motivation and description of the work in an email to '''​'''​.+Page has moved to [[howto:​ansys|Ansys/​Fluent]].
-===== Installation ===== 
-Fluent version ​ XX.X is installed in '''/​opt/​gridware/​Ansys'''​ and you should add the following lines to your '''​.bashrc'''​ file in your CHPC home directory: 
-  # include Fluent environment variables and commands 
-  . /​opt/​gridware/​Ansys/​ ### to be fixed ### 
-===== Running a Fluent Job ===== 
-On the CHPC clusters all simulations are submitted as jobs to the Moab job scheduler which will assign your job to the appropriate queue and machine. ​ Fluent runs on the three Intel Xeon based clusters: Nehalem, Westmere and Dell. 
-Example job script: 
-  #/bin/sh 
-  #MSUB -l nodes=2:​ppn=8 
-  #MSUB -l feature=nehalem|harpertown|dell 
-  #MSUB -l walltime=3:​00:​00 
-  #MSUB -m be 
-  #MSUB -V 
-  #MSUB -o /​export/​home/​username/​scratch/​stdout 
-  #MSUB -e /​export/​home/​username/​scratch/​stderr 
-  #MSUB -d /​export/​home/​username/​scratch 
-  #MSUB -mb 
-  ##### Running commands 
-  exe=/​opt/​gridware/​Ansys/​...TO BE FILLED IN... 
-  nproc=`cat $PBS_NODEFILE | wc -l` 
-  mpirun -np $nproc -machinefile $PBS_NODEFILE $exe 
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