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   - [[gadget-2#​compiling_your_own_gadget2_code|Compiling your own Gadget2 code]]   - [[gadget-2#​compiling_your_own_gadget2_code|Compiling your own Gadget2 code]]
   - [[gadget-2#​running_gadget2|Running Gadget2]]   - [[gadget-2#​running_gadget2|Running Gadget2]]
 +  - [[gadget-2#​generating_initial_conditions|Generating Initial Conditions]]
 ===== Compiling your own Gadget2 code ===== ===== Compiling your own Gadget2 code =====
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 [username@login1 ~]$ qsub [username@login1 ~]$ qsub
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== Generating Initial Conditions =====
 +If you require any help with generating your own initial conditions, please contact [[mailto:​|Sean February]] or [[mailto:​|Catherine Cress]].
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