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Running Gnuplot

There are three functional Gnuplot-5.0.3 installations:

  1. A version with qt graphics, intended for use on a visualisation node, installed in /apps/chpc/compmech/gnuplot/bin
  2. A version with X11 graphics, intended for use with X-forwarding, installed in /apps/chpc/compmech/gnuplot-X-5.0.3/bin
  3. A version with no graphics, intended for use on a compute node, installed in /apps/chpc/compmech/gnuplot-dumb-5.0.3/bin

All of these are available as modules, please use module avail. Please refer to the Gnuplot web site for instructions on using gnuplot. For interactive graphics, a graphics-enabled environment will be required, therefore refer to the page on Remote Visualization for instructions on setting up a connection to the visualization node. Gnuplot has been around for 30 years, but is still very useful. The “dumb” terminal mode can be used to generate funky 1970's style ASCII graphics - a feature that can be surprisingly handy when checking convergence of cluster runs over a low-bandwidth connection.

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