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 +====== Running Gnuplot ======
 +There are three functional Gnuplot-5.0.3 installations:​
 +  - A version with qt graphics, intended for use on a visualisation node, installed in ''/​apps/​chpc/​compmech/​gnuplot/​bin''​
 +  - A version with X11 graphics, intended for use with X-forwarding,​ installed in ''/​apps/​chpc/​compmech/​gnuplot-X-5.0.3/​bin''​
 +  - A version with no graphics, intended for use on a compute node, installed in ''/​apps/​chpc/​compmech/​gnuplot-dumb-5.0.3/​bin''​
 +All of these are available as modules, please use ''​module avail''​. ​ Please refer to the [[http://​​|Gnuplot web site]] for instructions on using gnuplot. ​ For interactive graphics, a graphics-enabled environment will be required, therefore refer to the page on [[howto:​remote_viz|Remote Visualization]] for instructions on setting up a connection to the visualization node.  Gnuplot has been around for 30 years, but is still very useful. ​ The "​dumb"​ terminal mode can be used to generate funky 1970's style ASCII graphics - a feature that can be surprisingly handy when checking convergence of cluster runs over a low-bandwidth connection.  ​
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