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 ====== Running grace ====== ====== Running grace ======
-Grace is a WYSIWYG ​2D plotting ​tool for the X Window System and M*tif. ​ It has been installed in the directory ''​/opt/gridware/​non-supported/​grace''​ The executables are located in ''​/opt/gridware/non-supported/​grace/​bin''​. ​ To run the code in interactive modegive the command ''/​opt/​gridware/​non-supported/​grace/​bin/​xmgrace''​or add the directory to your path ​Please refer to the [[​Grace/​|Grace home page]] for more information. ​ To run grace, ​a graphics-enabled interactive ​environment ​will be requiredtherefore refer to the page on [[howto:​remote_viz|Remote Visualization]] for instructions ​on setting up a connection to the visualization node, and launching a VNC session.+A version of the 2D-plotting ​software [[|Grace]]built on top of the GTK+-2 toolkithas been installed on LengauIn order to use it, follow these instructions: 
 +  ​Ensure that you have a graphics-capable ​environment, ​either by getting an interactive compute node session with X-forwarding (slow), or by getting a [[howto:​remote_viz|VNC session]] on one of the visualization ​nodes (chpcviz1 or chpclic1) or on a [[howto:​remote_viz#​getting_a_virtual_desktop_on_a_compute_node|compute ​node]] 
 +  - ''​module load chpc/​compmech/​gracegtk''​ 
 +  - ''​ggrace''​ 
 +  - The GraceGTK documentation is available at ''/​apps/​chpc/​compmech/​gracegtk/​doc/​GraceGTK.pdf''​ 
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