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 /​apps/​chpc/​compmech/​Rocky/​rocky4/​Rocky --simulate ​ "​./​MyRockyCase.rocky"​ --resume=1 --use-gpu=1 ​ $gpulistparameter /​apps/​chpc/​compmech/​Rocky/​rocky4/​Rocky --simulate ​ "​./​MyRockyCase.rocky"​ --resume=1 --use-gpu=1 ​ $gpulistparameter
 </​file>​ </​file>​
 +===== Using the GUI and Postprocessing =====
 +The V100 GPUs in the GPU cluster are not available for graphics use.  We are working on making the GUI available on the GPU cluster by means of Mesa software rendering, but this does not work yet.  Please use the dedicated visualization servers chpcviz1 or chpclic1 if you need to use the GUI or to display results. ​ Follow the [[howto:​remote_viz|remote visualization]] instructions for the TurboVNC / VirtualGL software stack.
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