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 ====== STAR-CCM+ ====== ====== STAR-CCM+ ======
-==== WARNING: ​Choice of MPI implementation ​==== +==== WARNING: ​Error message "IBV not available on node ..." ​==== 
-** Although we have obtained best scaling ​to large core counts when using "​platform"​ MPI, we experienced incompatibilities between STAR-CCM+ and platform MPI.  While we get to the bottom of this, please revert to intel MPI**  Our latest experience ​is that the current MPI implementations work with Version 14.04.011: +** We have been experiencing an intermittent problem that seem to be related ​to the Infiniband network and the Intel MPI implementation ​**  Our recomendation ​is to use the very latest version 15.02.009 instead of 15.02.007, and to use platform rather than intel MPI.
-  * intel +
-  * platform +
-  * openmpi+
-Please let us know if you experience any difficulties ​related to the choice of MPI implementation.+Please let us know if you experience any difficulties ​with this.
 ==== CHPC Installation ==== ==== CHPC Installation ====
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