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 ====== How To Guides ====== ====== How To Guides ======
 +===== Tips and Tricks =====
 +[[howto:​TipsAndTricks|Here are some tips & tricks for common tasks.]]
 +===== Transferring data with Globus =====
 +[[howto:​Globus|Here are instructions for using Globus to transfer data]]
 ===== Compilers and Interpreters ===== ===== Compilers and Interpreters =====
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   *[[OpenFOAM|How to use OpenFOAM and build your own code on the CHPC systems]]   *[[OpenFOAM|How to use OpenFOAM and build your own code on the CHPC systems]]
   *[[ansys|Using Ansys/​Fluent at the CHPC]]   *[[ansys|Using Ansys/​Fluent at the CHPC]]
 +  *[[ansysmechanical|Using Ansys/​Mechanical at the CHPC]]
   *[[cfx|Using Ansys/CFX at the CHPC]]   *[[cfx|Using Ansys/CFX at the CHPC]]
-  *[[starccm|Using ​CD-adapco ​STAR-CCM+ at the CHPC]]+  *[[starccm|Using STAR-CCM+ at the CHPC]]
   *[[CFD-Ace|Using ESI CFD-Ace at the CHPC]]   *[[CFD-Ace|Using ESI CFD-Ace at the CHPC]]
   *[[abaqus|Running Abaqus on the CHPC]]   *[[abaqus|Running Abaqus on the CHPC]]
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   *[[liggghts|Using LIGGGHTS and lammps at the CHPC]]   *[[liggghts|Using LIGGGHTS and lammps at the CHPC]]
   *[[SU2|Using SU2 at the CHPC]]   *[[SU2|Using SU2 at the CHPC]]
 +  *[[FDS|Using the Fire Dynamics Simulator FDS at the CHPC]]
 +  *[[Rocky DEM|Using the discrete element code Rocky DEM at the CHPC]]
 +===== Computational Electromagnetics =====
 +  *[[feko|How to use Feko at the CHPC]]
 ===== Bioinformatics ===== ===== Bioinformatics =====
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 ===== Cosmology and Astrophysics ===== ===== Cosmology and Astrophysics =====
-  *{{:​howto:​chpc_getting_started.pdf|}} (bash, PBS and Python examples) 
   *[[COSMOMC]]   *[[COSMOMC]]
   *[[cosmopmc]]   *[[cosmopmc]]
   *[[Gadget-2]]   *[[Gadget-2]]
 +  *[[Casacore]]
 +  *[[AOFlagger]]
 ===== GPU Computing ===== ===== GPU Computing =====
   *[[gpu_overview|Hardware Overview]]   *[[gpu_overview|Hardware Overview]]
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   * [[howto:​Java|Using Java on the CHPC cluster]]   * [[howto:​Java|Using Java on the CHPC cluster]]
 +===== Co-Array Fortran =====
 +  * [[howto:​coarrayFortran|Using Co-array Fortran on the CHPC cluster]]
 ===== Tuning and Analysis Tools ===== ===== Tuning and Analysis Tools =====
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   *[[remote_viz|Remote OpenGL visualization with TurboVNC and VirtualGL]] ​   *[[remote_viz|Remote OpenGL visualization with TurboVNC and VirtualGL]] ​
   *[[paraview|Using Paraview]]   *[[paraview|Using Paraview]]
 +  *[[gnuplot|Using Gnuplot]]
   *[[ncview|Using ncview]]   *[[ncview|Using ncview]]
   *[[visit|Using VisIt]]   *[[visit|Using VisIt]]
   *[[grace|Using grace]]   *[[grace|Using grace]]
 +  *[[p4vasp|Using p4vasp]]
 ===== Earth Sciences ===== ===== Earth Sciences =====
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