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 ====== Tips and Tricks ====== ====== Tips and Tricks ======
 +===== Managing your storage usage =====
 +You may want to do yourself the favour of checking with the commercial cloud providers how much they charge for data storage. ​ Once you have picked yourself up off the floor, set about managing your level of usage of the CHPC's **free** Lustre storage resource. ​
 +Remember that the CHPC Lustre is **not** intended for long-term storage - it is temporary workspace, is limited and has been designed to be fast rather than reliable. ​ The CHPC's official policies allow us to remove data that has not been used in the preceding 90 days.  Please be pro-active about managing your data before we do it for you.  **Without** first asking your permission. ​ In order to get a list of files that have not been accessed in the last 90 days, use the ''​find''​ command:  ​
 +find  -type f -atime +90 -printf "​%h/​%f,​ %s, %AD \n"
 +</​code> ​
 +which will produce a csv table with the path, size in bytes and last time of access. ​ To make it even easier for yourself, simply delete these files automagically with find:
 +find  -type f -atime +90 -delete
 ===== Navigating around your files and directories ===== ===== Navigating around your files and directories =====
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