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For this project we attempt a high resolution smoothed hydrodynamical simulation (SPH) and attempt to visualize the simulation. However a simulated particle requires very high resolution usually a single simulated particle would be of orders of tens of Millions Solar masses. For that reason one needs very fast and efficient computing hence the need for CHPC. To perform the simulations we use the freely available code for cosmological N-body/SPH simulations called Gadget. To visualize the simulations we use Gadget Viewer and Splash. Gadget Viewer is a program for interactive visualization of Gadget N-body simulation snapshots and Splash is a visualization tool for exploring output from SPH simulations (it is not limited to just Gadget outputs). These are both useful in Gadget snapshot visualization. For a complete guide on how to install Gadget follow the Gadget Compilation Walkthrough. To install Gadget File Viewer follow the Installation of Gadget Viewer Walkthrough. An image gallery of gadget simulations can be found here.

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