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Installation of Gadget Viewer

This page describes how to compile your own Gadget File Viewer on the cluster. Please note that this walkthrough assumes that you have already installed Gadget2 on the cluster. Also note that PATHINSTALL refers to /export/home/username/installations/.

To install Gadget File Viewer on the cluster, you need to have already installed HDF5 for reading HDF5 snapshots, Cairo or PIPlot for plotting graphs and LibPNG (the LibPNG library is already installed on the cluster) for writing out screenshots and movie frames. You also need pixmax to install Cairo.

  • Prerequisites
    • Pixman version 0.24.4 or later.
    • Cairo version 1.12.2 or later.
    • HDF5 version 1.6.
    • LibPNG version 1.2.10 or later.

Before installing Gadget File Viewer add these lines on the .profile file.

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib
  • Install Cairo
    • Build Pixman
      • ./configure –prefix=/PATHINSTALL
      • make
      • make install
    • Build Cairo
      • ./configure –prefix=/PATHINSTALL
      • make
      • make install
  • Compile Gadget File Viewer
    • ./configure –prefix=/PATHINSTALL
    • make
    • make install
    • if you want to add HDF5 support, add the flag –with-hdf5=/PATHINSTALL
    • if you want to add plotting support, add the flag –with-cairo=/PATHINSTALL
    • if you want to add PNG support, add the flag –with-png

Gadget File Viewer is now installed, you can test if it is working by using the snapshots you generated from Gadget. A pdf version of this walkthrough is available |here

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