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How to ask for help

The Help Desk

If you need assistance, please go to the support query page. However, before you do that, please ensure that you have crucial information available, and include it in your submission.

Please RTFM (Read The Fine Manual)

Before submitting the support request, please take a moment to read whatever relevant documentation is available on the CHPC Wiki. The Wiki is updated as things change and we become aware of existing difficulties, solutions and workarounds. Please check back often.

Some hints on resolving your difficulty

Here are some things to try:

  • PBSPro has replaced Moab as the job scheduler. msub does not work any more, you need to use qsub.
  • The syntax of a PBSPro job script is similar to that of a Moab script, but not identical. Please look at the examples on the Wiki.
  • PBSPro syntax is also not identical to PBS.
  • PBSPro requires you to change to the working directory with a cd command. There is no -d option.
  • Use ldd to check if the executable can link to the correct libraries. If it cannot find the libraries, it may be necessary to load the required modules.
  • Neither $PBS_O_WORKDIR, $PBS_WORKDIR nor $PBS_JOBDIR will know automatically what your working directory is. If you do not set these explicitly, they will have no values.
  • Please put some effort into estimating and requesting a realistic Walltime. If you ask for much more than you really need, the scheduler will have to wait longer in order to find a large enough gap.

Information to include in your support query

Please include the following information where relevant:

  • Your CHPC login name
  • Your affiliation (company, university, institute, etc.)
  • A one-line summary of the project that you are working on
  • The software that you are using
  • The directory in which your troublesome project is located
  • The language in which the code was written
  • The compiler used
  • Which MPI is being used? (OpenMPI, MPICH2, etc ….)
  • Are you using thread-level parallelisation such as OpenMP?
  • Which modules are you loading?
  • When was the code last compiled?
  • Does the code work properly on a single workstation or cluster node?
  • Has it worked before on distributed parallel?
  • Any other relevant information

Enabling CHPC staff to log in as you and run jobs

Sometimes the only way issues can be resolved is to have someone log in as you.

Never give anyone else your password.

What you can do is add their ssh keys to your account - which you can remove later. See adding ssh keys to use this.

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