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Bioinformatics Support Platform

The aim of the BSP, initiated in 2012, is to assist commercial and academic researchers to access and use the facilities of the CHPC. It is funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and is under the control of a Steering Committee and two sub-committees, for Education and Training and for Services and Support.

A dedicated website for the domain has been set up at

BSP Steering Committee 2014

Name Institute Email
Prof Nicola Mulder (Chair) UCT
Mr Dries Oelofse UCT
Prof Brenda D Wingfield UP
Dr Judit Kumuthini CPGR
Dr A. Özlem Taştan Bishop RU
Dr Iqbal Parker ICGEB
Mr Mohohlo Molatudi TIA
Dr Arshad Ismail NICD
Dr Happy Sithole CHPC
Mr Edward Rakate CHPC
Mr Ben Durham DST
Dr Ncebakazi Galada DST

Education Committee Chair

Dr Judit Kumuthini

Services Committee Chair

Mr Dries Oelofse



A chronological list of code installed can be found here.


Installed Codes

Projects Supported


Installed Codes

Projects Supported

How To

Guide for various codes.

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