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Workshops 2017

CHPC Conference 3–7 December 2017

Note: these are unconfirmed and are listed here to gauge interest.

  • Parallel data visualization on Lengau, Charles Crosby, CHPC.
  • HPC Education BoF, John Poole, CHPC.
  • Puppet for cluster management, TBC
  • HPC Ecosystem BoF, Bryan Johnston
  • Deep Learning training course: OpenPOWER and AI, TBC, IBC

Note: this year the workshops start on Sunday 3 December and continue on Thursday 7 December. The conference main programme runs from Monday 4 December to Wednesday 6 December.

GPU Computing Workshop

Nicolin Govender, CHPC

  • Introduction and Advanced topics
  • 6 – 10 November 2017
  • Wits University

More information forthcoming. Registrations will be opened soon.

Completed Workshops

2017 HPC Winter School

3 – 8 July 2017 at Stellenbosch University.

The HPC Winter School is the CHPC's flagship course in parallel programming for high performance computing covering:

  • Introduction to high performance computing hardware, systems and techniques
  • Multi-core programming with OpenMP
  • Using message passing (MPI) on cluster super computers
  • High performance co-processors
  • Rapid prototyping for HPC with python

Applications for The 2017 HPC Winter School are closed.

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Previous Workshops

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