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HPC School 1 to 6 July 2013

Was held at the University of Johannesburg: download the programme.



University of Johannesburg, Kingsway Ave, Auckland Park.

Lectures and registration:Room K09 of D1 LAB block (yellow)
Practicals:E-LES 201 (green)
Lunch:Sophiatown Residence

See UJ Kinsway campus map for directions.

Drivers: Enter UJ by gate 1 on Kingsway Ave and proceed to Parking Area B. Enter the main building through the entrance to Ring B (red colour) and follow the main corridor left until you reach E-LES (green colour). Follow the signs from there to K09 (yellow colour) in block D1 LAB.


Monday 1 July

Registration: 08:00 at block D1 LAB room K09

Opening: 09:00 in K09

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