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 Complete either form electronically and email the file to: ''​workshop''​ .AT. ''​chpc''​ .dot. ''​ac''​ .dot. ''​za''​ Complete either form electronically and email the file to: ''​workshop''​ .AT. ''​chpc''​ .dot. ''​ac''​ .dot. ''​za''​
 +===Martin Hilgeman===
 +Enterprise Technologist HPC\\
 +//Martin Hilgeman joined Dell in 2011, where he is a technical lead for the HPC benchmarking group. His particular specialities are in application optimisation,​ accelerators,​ architecture considerations for task placement, MPI single-sided messaging and optimisation of collectives. Previously he worked at SGI for 11 years as a consultant and member of the technical staff in the applications engineering group, where his main involvement was in porting, optimisation and parallelisation of computational chemistry and material sciences applications for MIPS, Intel Itanium 2 and Intel em64t platforms. Martin has an advanced master'​s degree in Physical and Organic chemistry from the VU University of Amsterdam.//​
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