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It's over 9000!

>90001), along with =422), are very important values in the world of high performance computing. Listed below are just some examples where the inequality provides the correct answer.

At the CHPC

  1. What is the volume in cm3 of the CHPC's board room?
  2. What is the maximum number of KFLOPS achievable by my SAMSUNG GALAXY S3?
  3. What is the median age, in days, of CHPC's employees?
  4. How many millilitres of the hot beverage known as coffee do CHPC staff consume in one week?
  5. How many metres of loo paper are flushed down CHPC toilets in a working week?
  6. What value would CHPC's stolen cutlery amount to on the black market?
  7. What is the sum of all the dice rolls in the tea room?

Outside the CHPC

  1. How many kilometres must an unladen swallow fly between Cape Town and Cairo?
  2. What is the square root of the speed of light (in ms-1)? 3)
Interestingly – if the swallow were to fly at half this speed for one second, starting from Cape Town heading in the direction of Cairo, it would end up in the black sea.
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