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High Performance Computing

  • The use of parallel processing for running advanced application programs efficiently, reliably and quickly.


  • A system that performs at or near the currently highest operational rate for computers. Some supercomputers work at over half a petaflop or 1015 floating-point operations per second.


  • Number of floating point operations per second

Peak Performance

  • Peak Flops, the theoretical measure of floating point potential

Sustained Performance


  • High Performance Interconnect
  • This usually means Infiniband


  • Originally born out of high performance computing
  • Enhancing the capability of the network of things rather than making applications run faster


  • Group of tightly coupled (usually with a high performance interconnect) computers that work together

Beowulf Cluster

  • Commodity based cluster COTS (commodity-off-the-shelf) components
  • Linux, Intel/AMD

Compute Farm

  • Loosely coupled cluster (no high performance interconnect)

Single Precision

  • 32 bits
  • Significand of 24 bits
  • Exponent of 7 bits
  • 1 sign bit

Double Precision

  • 64 bits
  • Significand of 52 bits
  • Exponent of 11 bits
  • 1 sign bit
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