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Available Computer Languages and Compilers

The options can be seen by listing the available modules: module avail and searching for the compiler that you need. The Lengau cluster is now 6 years old, and as a result has accumulated a very large number of modules, which makes the output of module avail rather difficult to interpret. The output from the module avail command is directed towards the stderr stream, as opposed to stdout and, as a result, cannot be directly piped. However, it is trivially simple to redirect stderr to stdout, and then the output can easily be piped in such a way that it can be searched. For example:

 module avail 2>&1 | grep mpich 

will list all the modules containing mpich in the name.

The list of supported languages, compilers and MPI implementations is extensive. Please contact the CHPC support scientist assigned to your research programme for advice on the combination of compiler and MPI implentation best suited to your requirements.


In general the following compilers for C, C++ and Fortran are available:

MPI implementations

The three most-widely used and supported MPI implementations on Lengau are OpenMPI, MPICH and Intel MPI, which is actually a customized version of MPICH. The Intel Parallel Studio modules include Intel MPI. There are various modules available on Lengau for OpenMPI and MPICH. Consult your friendly CHPC support scientist for more advice.

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