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Job Status Diagnostics

A job submitted to the queue is not running

Look at the job status with qstat. The next to last line of the output is a comment describing the job status. Possible outputs include:

qstat -f yourjobid

Job run at date at time on hostname

Job is running OK

Not Running: No available resources on nodes

Job requires more memory, cores, or nodes than currently available, or you have requested more resources than what is available.

Job held, too many failed attempts to run

Delete and resubmit job.

Not Running, Draining system to allow starving job to run

Job will not run because the resources are reserved for other jobs.

Queued Jobs stuck in an error state (E)

Try deleting the job with qdel

qdel -Wforce yourjobid

If all else fails

If this persists, mail or submit a ticket to

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