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Running the open-source code SU2 on the CHPC system


Please refer to the SU2 home page for more information on SU2, an open-source code targeted at aerodynamics and adjoint shape development. The current version of the code is 6.2.0, and has been installed in '/apps/chpc/compmech/CFD/SU2'. There are modules for the SU2 versions installed on Lengau. module load chpc/compmech/SU2/6.2-intel will set up the environment for the latest version, compiled with the Intel compiler. There are also versions compiled with gcc/mpich and pgi/mpich.

Sample PBS script

When running in an interactive environment, SU2 makes use of python scripting to automate tasks. For cluster running, it is necessary to qsub a PBS script. This example executes the classic Onera M6 transonic wing example from the TestCases/euler/oneram6 directory.

# This example script requests 3 nodes of the cluster, each with 24 processor cores
#PBS -P projectid
#PBS -l select=3:ncpus=24:mpiprocs=24:nodetype=haswell_reg
#PBS -q normal
#PBS -l walltime=01:00:00
#PBS -o /mnt/lustre/users/username/su2Jobs/job01/stdout
#PBS -e /mnt/lustre/users/username/su2Jobs/job01/stderr
#PBS -m abe
#### Set up environment for SU2
module add chpc/compmech/SU2/6.2-intel 
# Set the working directory environment variable explicitly.
export PBS_JOBDIR=/mnt/lustre/users/username/su2Jobs/job01
# Change to the job directory
nproc=`cat $PBS_NODEFILE | wc -l`
### Run the SU2_CFD solver
### For the gcc/mpich and PGI/mpich versions, use mpirun -iface ib0 ....
mpirun -np $nproc SU2_CFD inv_ONERAM6_JST.cfg > SU2_CFD.out
### Check to see if the solution_flow.dat file exists.  If it does, 
###  use it to generate the necessary output files.  If it doesn't, 
###  copy the restart file to solution_flow.dat and generate the output.
### Make sure that these two file names are consistent with what you have 
###  used in the .cfg file for the run.
if [ ! -e solution_flow.dat ] ;
  cp restart_flow.dat solution_flow.dat
### Build the specified format output files
SU2_SOL inv_ONERAM6_JST.cfg > SU2_SOL.out


By default, the SU2 example cases write Tecplot format output files. CHPC does not have a license for Tecplot, although it is possible to read Tecplot files into Paraview. However, in the SU2 input file it is easy to specify Paraview format output files (VTK) directly. Refer to the instructions on Remote Visualization to obtain a graphics environment for post-processing with VirtualGL and Paraview or VisIt.


SU2 scales reasonably well, down to about 50 000 cells per core. Performance with the Intel compiler is better than GCC or PGI. Refer to the following graph:

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