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Using Vesta

The visualization code Vesta-3.4.6 is available. In order to access it, load the appropriate module:

 module load chpc/compmech/vesta-3.4.6 

Vesta can then be loaded with the command


However, it is necessary to work in a graphics-enabled session to do this. This can be obtained with a VNC session on either a visualization node or a compute node.

When working on a visualization node, use VirtualGL to access the graphics processing capabilities of the node's GPU:

module load chpc/compmech/vesta-3.4.6
module load chpc/compmech/VirtualGL
vglrun VESTA

It is also possible to do this on a compute node which does not have a GPU. When doing this, also load a Mesa module to enable software rendering:

module load chpc/compmech/vesta-3.4.6
module load chpc/compmech/mesa/22.0.2
module load chpc/compmech/gcc/8.3.0
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