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2020 Winter School

The CHPC is pleased to announce its new online Winter School for 2020 in collaboration with PRACE and EPCC.

The 2020 Winter School will be presented in two online courses:

  • CHPC Practical HPC starting 15 July 2020

The first 4 weeks of the PRACE Supercomputing MOOC provide the necessary foundational information and concepts for the Practical HPC course.

You will need to complete all of the first 4 weeks of the Supercomputing MOOC to be fully prepared for all the topics in the CHPC Practical HPC course.

PRACE Supercomputing MOOC

This MOOC is a focussed introduction to High Performance Computing and the prerequisite for the CHPC Practical HPC online course. This course is 5 weeks long and requires around 4~6 hours per week. The first 4 weeks are needed for the CHPC Winter School that follows.

Note that you will only have access to the Supercomputing MOOC at no cost for 7 weeks.


  1. Supercomputers — introduction to HPC
  2. Parallel Computers — the hardware
  3. Parallel Computing — programming supercomputers
  4. Computer Simulations
  5. Case Studies
Week 5 is optional.

CHPC Practical HPC

This online course will introduce South African HPC users to the systems at the CHPC and help you develop practical skills in using the cluster for your scientific work. Attendees will learn the basics of using the CHPC Lengau cluster along with how to convert the computational intensive parts of their scientific workflow into a job script suitable for the CHPC. The Practical HPC course is 5 weeks long and will need about 6~8 hours per week.


  • CHPC Hardware
  • The CHPC Systems
  • The Command Line
  • How to Fix Errors
  • Scaling & Performance
  • Applications—from Workflow to Job Script
  • Installing Your Own Software

How to sign up:

First sign up for the SC MOOC from 15 June:

Then sign up for the Practical HPC Winter School from 15 July:

NOTE: It is essential to sign up to the SC MOOC using the same email address you use for the CHPC Winter School.

Access to the Supercomputng MOOC is at no charge for the first 7 weeks.

There is no charge for the CHPC Practical HPC course.


Address all queries to or post to our Helpdesk.

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