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Welcome to the CHPC Documentation Wiki

Here you will find documentation on the systems, hardware and software, tools and applications hosted on the CHPC super computers.

Quickstart Guide:

You should start here if you're in a hurry and familiar with HPC. The quick start guide briefly covers the main information a new users wants to know. Alternatively, here is a barebones survival guide for new users.

To change your password, use the passwd command (not yppasswd !).

Rules are:- 10 characters, upper and lower case, numbers, and special characters. Short answer - use ssh keys!

  • The Users' Guide covers using the systems at the CHPC, from logging in to compiling and running your programs.
  • The Glossary describes common terminology used in high performance computing.

Advanced Computer Engineering (ACE) Lab:

Tips and Tricks:

  • Helpful code that you might be able to use/adapt for your own problems.
  • Scaling – check your code scales before running big jobs

Research Areas:

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