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Intel Software Development Kit


  • The Intel Software Development Kit consists of a 4U rack server chassis with the new Intel Xeon E7-4860 CPU running @ 2.27GHz. The each of the E7-4860 CPUs have 10 physical cores and with Intel Hyperthreading 20 hardware threads presented to the OS making the machine an effective 80 core machine.
  • Each CPU has 4 x 4GB RAM running at 1067 MHz, therefore the machine has a total of 64GB RAM and could support up to 1TB (half of the RAM daughter-card sockets are unpopulated, each daughter-card is half populated and each RAM module could be four times more dense (2GB DIMMs replaced with 8GB DIMMs))
  • The Intel Software Development Kit has dual, mirror raided, 291GB 7200rpm hard disk drives
  • Networking consists of 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports


  • Currently only CentOS 5.6 is installed
  • Future plan to add the Intel Compiler Suite
  • Future plan to add Intel Parallel Studio
  • Future plan to re-install Windows HPC for benchmark comparisons


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